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VPNGoupCom Herkes çevrimiçi güvenlik ve gizlilik konusunda endişe ve kişisel bilgilerini ve tarama alışkanlıkları ortaya istemiyoruz, VPN harika bir çözüm.


yo what up fellas my identify is Dell andtoday I'm bringing you one thing you men happen to be requesting for very awhile and sorry it took me so lengthy but here it is this can be a no cost VPN servicethat's appropriate it is a reputable no cost VPN assistance that you don't have to shell out forand it basically performs now we are gonna get straight into it and afterwards we'regonna solution lots of thoughts at the end of the video so remain tuned alrightso primary you are gonna want to open up up your Website browser you might be gonna head onover to stand up net once you're that rise up performed that men you might be gonna wantto head on in excess of to your VPN tab part when you're while in the tab section for theVPN you'll be able to study the many documentation that they may have for you guysfor occasion they explain what a VPN is the restrictions All of this other stuff andhow They are in a position to carry you this support without spending a dime along with that we'regonna go straight right down to the bottom and we are gonna seek out the down load riseof VPN this VPN assistance is for Linux Mac OS Home windows along with your Android operatingsystem so you're able to implement it for each one of these unique platforms what we'regonna do is we're gonna down load it for our running program which can be windowsand that's the a person I use Individually after we're listed here we are gonna navigate a littlebit down and we are gonna strike the installation button so we're gonnadownload it and We'll click this button and start installing nowsince I already have it installed I don't need to reinstall it once more butdon't be concerned about it guys this doesn't include any edit bloatware no extraloops no extra matters so It is straight clean installation alright so after youhave that fellas set up you're going to want to search for your rise of VPNdesktop icon if one particular won't get made then just go and find for yournewly set up computer software on your own operating procedure and afterwards just drag itand drop it onto your desktop Besides that guys while the VPN should beoriginally turned off when you finally ultimately start it up so we're just going todouble click it you men are gonna be like very well what transpired almost nothing happenedwell that is since rise of VPN actually operates down hereyour small endeavor allow part where you have your concealed icons so we'regoing to navigate to the bottom of our task bar we are gonna go to the righthand side and We'll simply click up over the demonstrate concealed icons arrow now righthere you are going to see slightly cease indication with a hand this is going to be ourrise up icon and we're gonna click it having a left-simply click you're going to seethis tiny menu pop up it's truly simple and straightforward we're gonna want toreconnect it so at the time we click reconnect you fellas can see that it turns into alittle defend It really is yellow and when It really is entirely activated you're going to see agreen icon having a checkmark on it there it really is fellas our VPN is currently Lively andusable now on facet from that just in case you guys usually do not would like to use yourVPN or you should go back to standard internet speeds just change from the bpnyou're gonna want to go back to the minimal iconyou're gonna still left simply click it and just convert it off Be at liberty to donate to those guysfor executing a great amazing company to They are freakin amazing for providingthis for everyone that wants to implement it all right but so pretty much Apart from thatguys We'll do 1 past thing and we're gonna teach you that thisservice in fact does do the job and the best way we're gonna do that is definitely we are gonna goand find our exterior IP deal with and let me just this ok so we are gonna hoponto a single of those Sites that exhibit us our external general public IP handle and ifyou men can see It can be popping out just one-one-just one 109.

5 blah blah blah so thisis not my true first IP tackle that is definitely provided by my company providerbut This is actually the one that's being used by Raisaso that is virtually it we are now of course ensuring that it really works for youguys in order to exam this Make sure you change off your your rise of VPN go tomy external IP tackle wherever on Google see your original external IPaddress and then turn on increase of VPN after which you can see how it modifications if it doeschange then you understand for the simple fact that it is workingokay amazing to ensure that's basically it guys which is all it really is to putting in it andusing Raisa VPN at the moment we're gonna go into a little bit of QA or somequestions which i know you men are likely to question so Be sure to keep tuned forthis component simply because you won't should talk to these all over again now when there is anyquestions which i do not response On this part You should definitely create them in thecomment portion underneath or hop on on the discord server and connect with thecommunity exactly where we might help each other and if any individual else is aware what people areasking feel free to answer them thanks guys much alright so range oneguys is virtually exactly what is the distinction between a paid VPN serviceand an ion papian company like stand up VPN perfectly there is absolutely no variation in theactual provider that it offers that is encryption more than the Internetthat's what all the pn services companies do deliver that's the fundamental fundamentalthe Necessities and in that sense there is not any difference between a compensated serviceand a non paid service now wherever You will find a variation is that the paidservices often include excess features that non paid out solutions do notcome with that Usually could well be For illustration purchaser server help orextra extra capabilities As an example like kill switches simple navigations GE wiseother things which you truly seriously Never need in a VPN but that happen to be great tohave or ease of use style of concept for people that You should not determine what they'redoing okay so In addition to that amongst thebeneficial items for the PvP and products and services some do include a get rid of swap a killswitch is kind of significant often since if your VPN does are unsuccessful then youryour Net if it doesn't deliver that has a eliminate change it can expose your IPaddress which is 1 style of point that is certainly sort of neat in regards to the compensated ones whatdoes not really required in case you determine what you might be carrying out all right so Apart from all thatguys the next problem is going to be um willit decelerate my Net properly the matter is Of course all VPNs will slow down yourinternet and they're not as rapid being a immediate connection to your internetservice supplier so everytime you utilize a VPN irrespective of which 1 it's no matterif it is a high paid 1 or maybe a free of charge 1 it's going to slow down you and It can be somewhatbecause it truly is bouncing the connection from a single server to a different server anddirecting you forwards and backwards in place of a straight shot for your ISP to the place youneed to go so Sure they are doing are likely to slow you down Virtually constantly nowthe next issue will likely be do I need to keep on my BP and get it done does italways should be functioning properly no when you are utilizing this retorting And that i'massuming that you are making use of this for torrenting or for other things no youdon't usually ought to use your pen you are able to convert it off as soon as you happen to be donedownloading your things on your torrents or what ever you happen to be working with for assoon as you're done undertaking People factors that you are employing it for you can turnoff your reap en and just use the conventional internet service company connectionwithout no challenge And that i very advocate you don't usually keep it on mainly because itcould in fact slow down your internet and you do not need that all right Hence the nextquestion is am i able Go to the website to have faith in my VPN support supplier and the actual response to this istechnically no you truly won't be able to belief any VPN service supplier dependent onwhat they say because they will all virtually show you they willencrypt your info keep your knowledge safe but as We've got noticed There was manyinterest I mean I'm sorry There's been many bpn provider vendors that havegiven up their consumers info now we should always believe those that Have a very goodtrack report and we should have confidence in people who haven't definitely supplied up anyinformation Be sure to study while the VPN diligently before you end upgoing with a single and working with it to ensure we you fellas don't get virtually surprisedwhen the feds appear knocking and what I mean in the Fed FBI comesknocking within the door and afterwards they hand more than your information so Certainly youcould rely on some and you can trust none but it really's probably wisest to state toreally by no means entirely put your rely on in all of these because at the conclusion of the daythey can always just hand above their info but there's excellent persons outthere so continue to keep that in mind and Besides all that guys That is pretty muchthe rapid Q&A for this part with any luck , you men loved this online video if I didn'treally respond to any of the additional data that you fellas most likely havequestions etc be sure to depart those from the remarks after which I will get tothem immediately if there's a ton of inquiries and I'll probablyremake this online video with all All those questions applied to the movie but asidefrom that I'm pretty absolutely sure they're the most basic types that you're gonna check with sostay tuned men Be sure to always use this VPN oh by the way fellas in case you'rewatching my tutorials on torrenting Be sure to use Raizel VPN as an alternative to any ofthe other kinds that I suggested and we will be producing a completely new movie ontorrenting very soon what I do use stand up as the regular VPN that we'regonna be working with now I like to recommend all you men to modify about to rise up just toshow them help and on top of that to practically ensure that people understandthat There's a community out right here that does care about their privacy so asidefrom all of that men peace out ideally you guys appreciated this video rememberrise up net VPN service for You mostly stay curious guys peace.